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10 Factors to Help you Decide Where to Live in Essex

Analysing Common Home Buyer Needs

When contemplating a move to or within Essex in pursuit of your dream home, one of the primary considerations is undoubtedly the location. However, it’s not just about where; it’s also about what’s there and what priorities shape your ideal home.

To help you in this journey, we’ve compiled an in-depth list of factors that many homebuyers weigh when deciding on their perfect residence.

1. Busy city or relaxing countryside?

Determining the type of setting you envision living in is important, as this will likely be your home for several years, potentially even where you start a family.

Whether you thrive in bustling urban environments or prefer tranquillity in the countryside, carefully assessing the pros and cons of each option is essential before committing to a location.

2. Transport Links

Transport links play a pivotal role in many people’s decisions. Whether for socialising, work, shopping, or leisure activities, ensuring your home has suitable transport options is vital. Additionally, consider the costs associated with these modes of transport, including fuel expenses if you’re a driver.

3. Schools & Education

For parents, evaluating the local schools is a key consideration. Researching catchment areas for the homes you’re interested in and consulting school league tables can provide valuable insights. Even if you don’t have children currently, considering future plans is prudent.

4. Nearby Facilities – What You Need Vs What You Want

Nearby facilities can influence your decision, and it’s helpful to distinguish between necessary and preferred amenities. Whether it’s a gym or a nearby shop, prioritising your essential needs can guide your choice between two areas with different facilities.

5. Friends and Family

The proximity of friends and family can be a significant factor for many home seekers. Having a support network nearby provides comfort, while others may prioritise a quieter, more solitary lifestyle.

6. Is the property good value for money?

Maximising your property purchase often depends on the area you choose. While starting with a more affordable property might mean compromising certain features, it could be a strategic move to eventually attain your ideal home.

7. What is the community like?

The local community contributes to your living experience. Whether you prefer a quiet environment or a bustling community, gathering information from estate agents, community pages, or local websites can offer insights into the area’s atmosphere.

8. Career Changes

Job considerations are key, especially if you’re moving due to a new role or career opportunity. Assess the distance between your new workplace and potential homes, taking into account the possibility of remote work and the need for a home office.

9. Property Type

The types of properties available vary, from end-terrace houses with gardens to modern city apartments. Exploring your options through viewings will give you a better sense of the type of property that suits your preferences.

10. Local Developments

Awareness of any proposed local investments is valuable information. Researching potential developments in the area and assessing their impact on your lifestyle is vital for long-term satisfaction.

Moving Home Mortgage Advice in Essex

Armed with a comprehensive list of factors, when the time comes to make offers and secure a mortgage, feel free to reach out to us for a free mortgage appointment.

Our dedicated mortgage advice team is available seven days a week, subject to availability, to help you whether you’re a first time buyer in Essex or moving home in Essex.

Date Last Edited: April 10, 2024

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