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Open & Honest Mortgage Advice in Clacton-on-Sea

& Surrounding Areas

It's free to speak with a mortgage advisor 7 days a week, 8am - 10pm

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Open & Honest Mortgage Advice in Clacton-on-Sea

& Surrounding Areas

It's free to speak with a mortgage advisor 7 days a week, 8am - 10pm

Speak to an Advisor - It's Free! 01245 847678

Providing expert mortgage advice in Clacton-on-Sea

Our job isn’t just to help you secure a great mortgage deal, we also go the extra mile to ensure that you have full help and support throughout the entire process! Our Mortgage Advisors in Clacton-on-Sea come across complicated mortgage situations all of the time so don’t put off calling just because you believe that your situation seems “difficult”. As a mortgage broker in Essex and Clacton-on-Sea, we offer a free mortgage consultation to every customer in every mortgage situation, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.

The main difference between a broker and a bank is that a broker like us works entirely for you. We don’t hold on ties with any particular estate agent or bank, therefore we can freely search through different lenders for different deals. One of our Mortgage Advisors in Clacton-on-Sea will try and speak to you on the date of your enquiry (time-dependent), whereas if you were to approach a bank, you could be waiting weeks just to get an answer from someone.

A bank only has access to their in-house deals, therefore you can’t compare deals and see what sort of rates you could’ve had. A Mortgage Broker in Clacton-on-Sea like us has a huge panel of over 30 lenders that each hold plenty of competitive mortgage deals.

It may not always be the “easy option” to go to your bank, a Mortgage Broker in Clacton-on-Sea will help you throughout the whole process, making it stress-free and easy-going.

Everyone in our fantastic team is extremely proud of how high our level of customer service is. Hearing how satisfied our customers were after receiving our service always brightens up our day, and that’s why we cherish our amazing customer reviews. Feel free to take a look at past customer experiences via our Genuine Customer Reviews.

Speak to an Advisor - It's Free!
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Popular Mortgage Scenarios in Clacton-on-Sea

All of our customers receive a free mortgage appointment!

As a mortgage broker in Essex and Clacton-on-Sea, it’s surprising when people come to us and ask what we actually do. A Mortgage Broker in Clacton-on-Sea like us helps mortgage applicants in many different ways, and more often than not, an applicant will walk away with a better deal, just because they chose a broker over a bank. Here is how our process works and how we make your mortgage experience as stress-free as possible.

Firstly, once you have made an attempt to get in touch with us, we will arrange a time to have a small chat with you, so that we can get a few bits of information from you. This allows us to link you to the perfect Mortgage Advisor in Clacton-on-Sea who specialises in your specific mortgage situation.

Within 24-hours of our telephone call, we will take a look over your details and arrange a second meeting – this will be your free mortgage consultation.

During your free mortgage consultation, you will speak to your dedicated Mortgage Advisor in Clacton-on-Sea. This will approximately last around 30-minutes. If you are already viewing properties and booking in house viewings, your Mortgage Advisor in Clacton-on-Sea may be able to prepare a mortgage agreement in principle for you too.

After your consultation, your advisor will look for the perfect deal for you! They will search through 1000’s of mortgage products, trying their hardest to locate a deal that is best suited to your personal and financial circumstances.

Our Reviews

Popular Mortgage Scenarios in Clacton-on-Sea

First Time Buyer in Clacton-on-Sea

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For first time buyers in Essex and Clacton-on-Sea, the mortgage process can be overwhelming. This is where a mortgage broker in Essex and Clacton-on-Sea like outselves can offer valuable support and help navigate what is likely to be their biggest financial decision.

Our knowledgeable mortgage advisors in Essex and Clacton-on-Sea are here to help guide you towards homeownership with a tailored solution that’s right for you. From the initial consultation to the day you receive your keys, we’ll keep you informed and involved at every step of the way.

Moving Home in Clacton-on-Sea

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If your introductory mortgage period is coming to an end in Essex and Clacton-on-Sea, you may be weighing the option of moving home in Essex and Clacton-on-Sea instead of remortgaging. There could be many reasons to move, such as a need for more space, more affordable living costs, or simply a change of scenery.

Moving can be a challenging process, but our team is dedicated to making it easier for you. From finding a buyer to packing and relocating, we work to minimise your stress and simplify the moving experience as you prepare for your new home.

Buy to Let in Clacton-on-Sea

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At our team of expert mortgage advisors in Essex and Clacton-on-Sea, we specialize in helping landlords, both new and established, secure a buy to let mortgage in Essex and Clacton-on-Sea. Whether you’re looking to grow your personal property portfolio or seeking assistance with an SPV like a Limited Company, our knowledgeable advisors are here to guide you through the process and alleviate any stress.

Remortgaging in Clacton-on-Sea

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For existing homeowners, the end of the introductory period of their mortgage is inevitable. That’s why, when that time comes, we highly recommend exploring the option of a remortgage in Essex and Clacton-on-Sea.

Whether you’re looking to secure a better mortgage deal, tap into equity for home improvements, or pursue other objectives, our team of experienced mortgage advisors in Essex and Clacton-on-Sea is here to help.

Our Customers Love Us

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Our Simple 4-Step Process

Take Advantage of our Book Online System

Step 1

Schedule an appointment with one of our experienced mortgage advisors in Essex and Clacton-on-Sea at a time and date that works best for you, using our convenient and free online booking system.

Free Mortgage Appointment - Speak to an Expert

Step 2

When you reach out to us, you’ll be connected with one of our knowledgeable mortgage advisors in Essex and Clacton-on-Sea. They’ll get a clear understanding of your financial situation and assess your affordability, and also provide you with an Agreement in Principle.

Finding a Suitable Product

Step 3

Upon completion of your appointment with one of our mortgage advisors in Essex and Clacton-on-Sea, they will scour through thousands of options to find the best deal for you. If you approve of their recommendation, we’ll proceed with the processing of your mortgage application.

Let's Submit Your Application!

Step 4

Upon completion of your application, it must be sent to the lender, our mortgage advisors in Essex and Clacton-on-Sea can take care of that for you.

Reasons to Choose us

Free Appointment in Clacton-on-Sea

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If you are seeking guidance regarding mortgage advice in the Clacton-on-Sea area, looking to release equity, or interested in insurance products, we are eager to help you find the information you need.

Our team is well-equipped to provide you with valuable insights and recommendations that cater to your specific needs and circumstances. Please don’t hesitate to contact our mortgage advisors in Clacton-on-Sea for assistance, as we are more than happy to help.

We Search 1000s of Deals

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Our team of experts searches through thousands of deals, some of which include highly specialise mortgage products, to find the best possible options for our customers.

Rest assured that our extensive experience and knowledge allow us to provide exceptional mortgage advice to customers from all walks of life, regardless of their unique financial situations.

We are committed to helping you navigate the complex world of mortgages and ensuring that you make the best possible decisions. Please feel free to contact us for guidance, as we would be more than happy to help you in any way we can.

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Common Mortgage Questions in Clanton-on-Sea

Have you been declined by your bank?

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If you have been declined by your bank and need a mortgage broker in Clanton-on-Sea, our team may help. Avoid applying with multiple lenders as it can affect your credit score.

Our team will help you find out why the bank declined you, and suggest ways to improve your credit. We’ll work to find the best deal for you, but if we can’t, we’ll give you advice on how to improve your application in the future. We provide open and honest mortgage advice in Clanton-on-Sea to every customer.

How do I transact with my Mortgage Broker in Clanton-on-Sea?

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Our mortgage experts offer a free initial appointment to help you. If you need mortgage advice outside of normal working hours, our dedicated mortgage advisors in Clanton-on-Sea are available until late. Call us and we’ll do our best to assist you.

Why shouldn’t I go to my bank for mortgage advice in Clanton-on-Sea?

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Bank mortgage advisors can only offer products from their own lender, and it can be difficult to get an appointment with them, which can be frustrating if you’re actively looking at properties.

A professional mortgage broker in Clanton-on-Sea can help by comparing deals from a large number of lenders on their panel, some with specialist products.

We have extensive experience and knowledge in providing mortgage advice in Clanton-on-Sea to customers with a variety of situations.

Will I be able to get a second mortgage in Clanton-on-Sea?

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A second mortgage on your home can be an option for debt consolidation or home improvements. If you’re considering taking out a mortgage on a second property, whether for personal use, a family member, a holiday home, or a buy to let investment, it may also be possible.

I'm Self Employed in Clanton-on-Sea, can I get a mortgage?

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After submitting at least one year’s accounts, you may be eligible for a mortgage. Most lenders calculate the maximum mortgage amount based on your salary and dividends, while some may use your net profit instead.

How does the free initial mortgage appointment work?

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Our mortgage advice team in Clanton-on-Sea offers a free mortgage appointment that lasts about 30 minutes to an hour. After that, your mortgage advisor in Clanton-on-Sea will recommend a mortgage for you with no obligation to proceed, and you can decide whether to take it or not.

When should I obtain an Agreement in Principle?

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We recommend that home buyers in Clanton-on-Sea obtain an Agreement in Principle (AIP) before viewing properties. At the very least, you should obtain an AIP before making an offer to improve your bargaining position with a seller.

How does an Agreement in Principle last?

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The duration of an Agreement in Principle typically ranges from 30 to 90 days, depending on the lender. If your Agreement in Principle expires, our mortgage advisors in Clanton-on-Sea can always have it refreshed for you.

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